How to Look Great in the Rain

Many people who live in the areas with high level of precipitation may often feel disgruntled about having to wear mostly some waterproof clothing in order to stay dry. Still, even in a rainy day it is possible to look cute and trendy. If you are looking for advice about how to brighten your style if it is wet outside here are the ways to look great in the rainy day!

Statement Umbrella

Statement Umbrella

Let's cover the basics first. The easiest way to brighten your look is to add some colorful accessory. In a rainy weather you can't go out without an umbrella. Your brightly colored or playfully patterned umbrella will not only erase any boredom typically associated with a grey day but will also help you feel looking irresistibly cute. You can opt for a small folding model or a rainbow-paneled umbrella that will make you feel good.

Clear Raincoat

Clear Raincoat

This piece of clothing has been featured in the recent runways of many designers, including Balenciaga, MiuMiu and Calvin Klein. The reason why the clear raincoat remains a street style star favorite is obvious: the trendy topper protects the fancy clothes from the wet weather and it enables everyone to see your pretty apparel. Isn't it cool?

Yellow, Yellow & More Yellow

During the rain the sun is hidden by the heavy clouds so we must make our own sun by wearing some yellow clothes, and the more the better.

Rain Boots + Dresses

Rain Boots + Dresses

If you love wearing a pretty little dress but have to don dull jeans and a t-shirt to pair with practical shoes that can withstand the elements the following piece of advice is right for you. Instead of giving up dresses on rainy days, just pair your favorite frock with the rain boots for a refined look that will easily survive puddles.

Crown Braid

On a rainy day it just makes no sense to arrange your hair in loose curls as they will immediately deflate into sad strings. So, without washing your hair, apply some dry shampoo and plait your hair into a slightly mussed crown braid that no rain can bother. The Right Makeup

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If your face may get wet, there are some makeup rules you need to follow. First of all, make sure you wear waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner to avoid dripping raccoon eyes. Avoid wearing dark or bright eye shadows because they will look weird if your makeup runs off. The color of the eye shadows should be as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

A lip stain will keep color on your lips even if they get wet. And you can do without the blush as in the rain your cheeks are going to flush anyway. Smile

And the last but not the least piece of advice is to wear a smile and maintain a positive attitude. Whatever you're wearing, your bright smile will make you stand out in the dismal surroundings. Be happy, enjoy the day, and don't care about getting wet. Everyone will notice your beautiful smile rather than any defects in your outfit.