The United State's Top 15 Deadliest Hurricanes in History

The Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific classify a tropical storm with wind speeds over seventy five miles per hour as a hurricane, but this is not the case worldwide. The Western Pacific knows hurricanes as typhoons, while the Indian Ocean and South Pacific regions regard them as cyclones. A tropical cyclone otherwise known as a hurricane can cause high winds, large waves, floods, and heavy rain when originating out at sea. If a hurricane originates on land or reaches shore the strong winds can not only damage vehicles but tear down homes, buildings and bridges. Not to mention any and all loose debris will be turned into high flying, deadly, projectile objects.

Hurricanes have caused irreparable damage, causing almost two million deaths worldwide over the past twenty decades. Not only do Hurricanes interrupt infrastructures by destroying foundations, cause power outages and damper reconstruction efforts, they also cause disease. A by product of tropical hurricanes are large pools of standing water due to flooding. These stagnant bodies of water bread mosquito borne illnesses which lead to infection. These infections are propagated by overcrowded evacuee shelters which could possibly lead to disease epidemics. Needless to say, Hurricanes are disastrous.

The United State's Gulf and East Coasts suffer an estimated five billion dollars worth of hurricane damage on average each year. The Atlantic Oceans hurricane season typically lasts from the beginning of June throughout the end of November. Below you will find a list of the United States fifteen deadliest hurricanes and the catastrophic damage they have caused...

1989 Hurricane Hugo

1) 1989 Hurricane Hugo

The Category 4 storm, known as Hurricane Hugo, made landfall in South Carolina killing 21 innocent people and causing 7.1 billion dollars worth of damage.

2001 Tropical Storm Allison

2) 2001 Tropical Storm Allison

Although, Tropical Storm Allison is not officially classified as a hurricane, it is still one of the most dangerous storms in United States history. The tropical storm began in the Gulf of Mexico and traveled eastbound into the U.S. causing 41 deaths and over five billion dollars worth of damage.

2011 Hurricane Irene

3) 2011 Hurricane Irene

Category 1 storm, Hurricane Irene, originated off the coast of North Carolina. Hurricane Irene eventually traveled up the coast into New York City wreaking havoc with its devastating wind speeds, and massive floods causing over 7.3 billion dollars worth of damage. Additionally, 45 innocent people died in the storm's wake.

1999 Hurricane Floyd

4) 1999 Hurricane Floyd

Hurricane Floyd was best known for the catastrophic rain it brought along with it. The Category 2 storm which began in North Carolina ended up flooding an extreme amount of the East Coast which caused a total of 57 deaths.

1944 Great Atlantic Hurricane

5) 1944 Great Atlantic Hurricane

The Category 3, Great Atlantic Hurricane took New England by storm causing over 100 million dollars worth of damage as well as 64 deaths. Not to mention, the storm did eventually regress to a Category 2 storm but not until after it severely damaged the Carolinas, Long Island as well as Rhode Island.

1972 Hurricane Agnes

6) 1972 Hurricane Agnes

Even though Hurricane Agnes was only classified as a Category 1 storm, it still managed to traveled inland all the way to Pennsylvania. Hurricane Agnes killed a total of 122 people and caused 2.1 billion dollars worth of overall damage.

2008 Hurricane Ike

7) 2008 Hurricane Ike

As the United State's third costliest storm in history, Hurricane Ike caused 29.5 billion dollars worth of damage in September of 2008. The storm began off of Africa's west coast, traveled through the caribbean and into the Gulf of Mexico where it made landfall in the state of Texas. This Category 2 storm killed a total of 195 people.

1969 Hurricane Camille

8) 1969 Hurricane Camille

Originating in the Gulf of Mexico, the Category 5 storm, Hurricane Camille traveled inland towards Mississippi killing over 256 innocent people. Hurricane Camille is the United State's second most intense hurricane in history.

1938 Hurricane New England

9) 1938 Hurricane New England

The Category 5, New England Hurricane, otherwise known as the Long Island Express traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to Long Island, Connecticut, and New York. The New England storm killed over 256 people.

2012 Hurricane Sandy

10) 2012 Hurricane Sandy

As United State's second costliest hurricane in history, Hurricane Sandy caused more than 71 billion dollars worth of damage. Although, Hurricane Sandy was only a Category 1 storm, it was responsible for killing 285 innocent people in New York City alone. The storm not only flooded the city's subway system but also destroyed thousands of residencies.

1957 Hurricane Audrey

11) 1957 Hurricane Audrey

In 1953, the United States began utilizing women's names to title devastating storms. Hurricane Audrey was no exception, the 1957 hurricane was the deadliest of its decade. The Category 4 storm began in the Gulf of Mexico and took landfall in Texas killing 416 people in its path.

1919 Atlantic Gulf Hurricane

12) 1919 Atlantic Gulf Hurricane

Originating in the Key West, the Category 4 hurricane traveled across the coast making landfall in Texas as a Category 3 storm. The hurricane unfortunately killed an estimated 600-900 innocent people.

2005 Hurricane Katrina

13) 2005 Hurricane Katrina

As one of the 21st century's most notorious storms, Hurricane Katrina killed over 1,200 people. The Category 5 storm also caused 108 billion dollars worth of damage classifying it as the United State's third most costliest hurricane in history.

1928 Hurricane San Felipe Okeechobee

14) 1928 Hurricane San Felipe Okeechobee

As the United States second deadliest storm in history, Hurricane San Felipe Okeechobee was responsible for over 2,500 deaths. On September 10th, 1928, the Category 4 hurricane took landfall in Palm beach with winds traveling over 144 mph.

1900 Hurricane in Galveston

15) 1900 Hurricane in Galveston

As the deadliest storm in United States history, this Category 5 hurricane is responsible for killing approximately 8,000 to 12,000 innocent people. The 156 mph wind storm originated on the coast of Galveston, Texas and traveled north throughout the Great Plains.