Emergency Supplies.

Supplies You Need For Emergency Preparedness.

We are all familiar with the saying, 'Fail to plan, then plan to fail', and the same goes for emergency preparedness. No place on Earth is immune from disaster. Thus, it is imperative that you prepare the correct emergency supplies to equip your family before a catastrophe strikes. Below you will find a list of twenty two supplies fit to aid you through any adversity.

- Water

Water Filter

A human can not live for more than eight days without water, which makes water your number one most important supply. Collecting a copious amount of water bottle stock for your family is non negotiable. Additionally, it is vital that at least one member of your family procure the knowledge of how to obtain water from a contaminated source. The two most popular methods for purifying water from a contaminated source are filtering or distilling. The method of 'filtering' involves decontaminating water through a handcrafted or store manufactured filter system. The method of 'distilling' involves collecting the steam from boiling pot of water in a runoff that will slowly drip purified water into a clean water container.

- Tablets for Water Purification

Tablets for Water Purification

Do not forget that even stored water bottles/tap water can become contaminated overtime and make one sick upon consumption. In order to avoid illness, water purification tablets should be utilized to treat and purify stored or contaminated water. It is the safest and easiest way to ensure you are consuming clean adequate water which is vital for survival.

- Non-Perishable Food

Non-Perishable Food

Much like water, a human body can only survive a short period of time without nourishment from food. The absolute best strategy for stocking up on emergency friendly food is to utilize self preserving canned and freeze dried food. Boxed milk, soup, beans, peanut butter, pastas, cereals, fruits, nuts, and vegetables will all keep you well nourished and alive in the case of a catastrophe. The non-perishable foods take decades to expire which makes them perfect storage foods for emergency preparedness. In the case of an immediate emergency evacuation, energy bars are a safe and convenient go to item to store in your car because they are perfect for on the go consumption. Do your research and discover which self-preserving foods will suit your family best (you can get 15% off emergency food when you use a coupon with your online purchase).

- Matches/Lighters & Candles

Matches - Lighters

It is extremely smart to keep a massive supply of 'just in case of emergency' candles, lighters, and matches. If you are stuck in a basement or fallout shelter for a longer than normal period of time (more than a week) after a disaster strikes then it is highly likely that candles will become your main source of light. Flashlight batteries can only last for so long. However, it is still resourceful to keep two to five flashlights handy in your stock as well. They are sturdy and can withstand the elements. Headlamps are not a bad idea either, they are extremely mobile and hands free. Not to mention the 'shake up' flashlights and lanterns that do not need batteries. They work off of illumination chemicals but these flashlights and lanterns do not last for extended periods of time. Emergency specific flashlights and lanterns are great but nothing beats the good old fashion, fail-proof candle. So, make sure to have plenty of candles in your emergency stock.

- First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

It is in your best interest to keep a fully stocked First Aid Kit in your emergency prep supply at all times. Your First Aid Kit should include anti-bacterial ointment or spray for cuts, burns, and stings as well as a hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol for cleaning out larger wounds before bandaging. Ibuprofen is also a great medication to have in your kit because it's not only a pain reliever but also a fever reducer. Last but most certainly not least, your kit must include an anti-diarrheal medication. In the case of one of your family members consuming contaminated food or water during the duration of your emergency and become ill, this medication will definitely come in handy. Otherwise, you are welcome to place in any additional person items you believe will come in handy to your kit, such as chap stick or finger nail clippers. You never know what you may need in an emergency.

- Radio


A portable transmission radio can be a very resourceful tool during an emergency. With it you will be able to listen in to any emergency news broadcasts and be notified of the state of the nation. Keep in mind your radio will only last as long as its batteries do. So, in order to stay in the know, you will need to keep an adequate supply of batteries in your emergency supply stock as well.

- Tarp (heavy duty)

A tarp (or several) can serve as a very useful multi-purpose instrument in the case of an emergency. Found at your local hardware supply store, tarps can be purchased in various sizes and colors. It is best to choose a larger tarp in a darker color. This way if you ever have to hide during an emergency you have a cover. If you can purchase multiple tarps in several different sizes that would be paramount (backups are useful in the case of a rip or tear situation).

As stated above, Tarps are multi-purpose. A tarp can be utilized as a shelter or can even serve as a patch to fix a shelter. Tarps can also serve as insulation to heat a cold room and conserve body heat. When you seal the room off with the tarp it will create a heat trap, which will help keep your family warm at night after the electricity no longer works. Extra towels and blankets can come in handy during this situation as well. A towel can be stuffed at bottom area of the tarp to keep warm air from seeping out of the crack where the plastic meets the floor. Blankets or smaller tarps can be utilized to cover window sills to retain heat there too. Make sure to duct tape the edges of the blanket or tarp so no warmth will be able to escape whatsoever.

Lastly, a tarp can serve as a rain catcher. It is paramount that you conserve and ration your water supply. A tarp can help prolong your stock of water by catching outside rainwater for consumption. All you will need to do is hoist the tarp up by all four corners outdoors and let rain and condensation collect in the tarps center. After a few days or possibly weeks you will have collected enough water to decontaminate and drink.

- Knife

Knife Butterfly

A knife can be an extremely valuable tool during the case of an emergency. However, a quality knife will cost you but it will be worth every cent. A bowie knife is a great place to start as the blade runs fully from top to bottom meeting the handle. The knife also must have a remarkably durable handle, as you may have to carve wood, cut through wire, or hunt with it repeatedly.

- Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots

Unfortunately, a good pair of hiking boots will also run up your supply bill. It is vital that you purchase a pair of hiking boots that are long wearing and will not fall apart after a year of repeat wear. Talk will the store clerks and explain to them that it is of utmost importance that your pair of boots be heavy duty and last through rough terrain.

- Compass/Map

Map and compass

A compass is a very useful tool to have on hand. If you lose cell service and must flee your city or leave to hunt for fresh food a quality compass and physical map with definitely come in handy. More complex survival compasses will even come equipped with a built in signaling mirror and/or thermometer.

- Bear Pepper Spray

Bear Pepper Spray

Bear Pepper Spray is a great self defense weapon. It is powerful enough to ward off the wildest of animals from dangerous cougars to ferocious grizzly bears. Bear Pepper Spray is a guaranteed life saver and can be found at your local sporting goods store.

- Insulated Sleeping Bag

Insulated Sleeping Bag

In the case of an extreme temperature drop, a heavy duty insulated sleeping bag is essential. The sleeping bag should be able to withstand not only repeat usage but also keep you warm when the temperature falls twenty five degrees below zero.

- Personal Hygiene Products

Personal Hygiene Emergency Products

You will want to keep your family as well as yourself as clean as possible. Nothing is worse than getting sick without the availability of a doctor. Try to stock up on bar soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, laundry detergent and bleach.

- Hiking Apparel

Hiking Apparel

In the case of a catastrophe, you may find yourself battling the elements in order to help your friends and/or neighbors repair and rebuild their damaged shelters. Thus, it is highly imperative that you own heavy duty outdoor clothing such as hiking apparel. A hiking backpack may come in handy as well.

- Car Power Inverter

Car Power Inverter

As the power goes down you will be cut off from charging your telephone devices as well as your electric tools. Although, if you possess a vehicle, you may be in luck. With a power inverter you can utilize your car's electrical system to charge and/or run any of your 110 volt hardware tools or devices.

- Solar Charger

Solar Charger

If you do not own a vehicle during a power outage than a solar charger is your bestfriend. Solar Chargers are highly reliable tools that can efficiently and effectively charge your equipment.

- Duct Tape

Duct tape is the ultimate mending tool. Not only can duct tape bind but it can also serve as gaffing cable and a first aid utensil.

- Multitool


A multipurpose tool is not only extremely accessible but it also aids in utilizing a smaller amount of space than a tool box.

- Sandbags


In order to protect your home from floods, mudslides, and sudden downpours one must obtain sandbags. Stacked sandbags can help control and alter the stream of floodwaters to pass away from your doorways, porches, and garages. Nothing is worse than sewage water seeping into your home.

- Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

The use of a fire extinguisher is pretty self explanatory… in case of a fire, a fire extinguisher is indispensable.

- Storage

Your region will determine where you will be able to store your emergency supplies. If your region is prone to heavy storms and hurricanes then it will be best for you to store your stock in a basement or closet. However, if your area is at risk for flooding then the basement is off limits for your storage supply. Or if you reside in earthquake territory than storing your supplies outdoors may be the best option. Do some research on your area and then decide which storage option is best for you.