During A Disaster

In the chance circumstance of experiencing a natural disaster one should prepare their family with an emergency supply kit along with an emergency evacuation plan. In addition to your kit and plan, it is high priority for you to secure two emergency contacts, one in state and one out of state. This way if the disaster is state wide, you have someone to rely on that is out of harm's way. It is imperative that you also keep hard copies of these emergency contact phone numbers in your purse and/or wallet in case your phone is out of service or breaks. Adding a small safe of cash money to your emergency kit isn't a bad idea either, you do not want to be stuck without a money supply in the case of ATM machines going down.

Emergency Supply Kit

Keep in mind that if you or your children need special prescription medication you will need to retain hard copy prescriptions in your emergency kit to refill these as they empty. It is also a good idea to keep extra bottles of these prescriptions in your emergency kit as well. If your children are still in the stages of needing formula, baby food, and diapers it is critical that you include them in your kit too. Prepare your kit to include pet necessities as well such as pet food, crate, and leash.

Your evacuation car should have its own small emergency supply as well. Your emergency car kit should contain a first aid kit, drinking water, self preserving snacks, a couple of blankets and running shoes. Plus, it is always a good idea to keep your gas tank full at all times. This way you are prepared to travel a longer distance right away, especially if you need to get away quickly.

If you reside in a territory prone to earthquakes it is important for you to take extra steps to prepare your home against falling debris. Your water heater is one of the heaviest appliances in your home, so you will want to make sure it is securely strapped to the wall. You can find earthquake proof metal straps on eBay or at Walmart. These same straps can be utilized to secure your television screen as well as any hanging artwork or other objects placed above your beds. Earthquake putty is great for securing down items place on shelves or desk. Childproofing cabinet latches can also be placed on your cabinet's doors in order to prevent them from swinging open and letting ceramic dishes and glass shatter on the floor.

Earthquake Proof

Do not forget that earthquakes also cause aftershocks. It is important to stop, drop, and take cover until the earthquake has passed and you are clear to move again. Try your best to stay away from windows and mirrors because if they shatter you can experience severe injury. If an earthquake has happened while you are asleep be sure to check around your bed before stepping off of it. Several shocked individuals have suffered foot injuries from stepping off of the bed too quickly after an earthquake and onto broken shards of glass. It is highly recommended to keep a durable pair of shoes, a flashlight, and protective set of gloves under your bed in case of emergency. Being prepared in the case of an earthquake is paramount.

If you reside in a territory prone to hurricanes, you are slightly luckier than those in areas with earthquakes. You are luckier because hurricanes are typically forecasted days before they occur, giving you optimum time for preparation. In the case of a hurricane you will want to prepare a sturdy rain coat as well as durable rainboots in order to keep dry during the storm. Additionally, you will want to keep all important documents and prescriptions in a weatherproof bag in your emergency kit. Sandbags are essential to block water and debris from flying or flooding into your home from the hurricane. Plastic sheets are perfect for protecting your windows as well. Keeping an extra supply of portable gas isnít a bad idea either in case your power goes out.

If you reside in a territory prone to tornados do not fret, tornadoes typically only affect a small region compared to the damage that earthquakes and hurricanes can cause. Your primary concern during a tornado is knowing where to find safe shelter and survive over an extended period of time. It is highly imperative that you delegate one room in your home as a safe center, whether it be your basement, storm cellar, or interior bedroom. Make sure your safe center is free of windows and is floor level or lower. Please do not forget to take your pets with you. In the case of tornado breaking glass make sure to cover yourself with a heavy duty blanket, running shoes and gloves. Helmets are not a bad idea either, but do not waste time searching for this helmet make sure it is in a well known area.

Emergency Supplies

If you reside in a territory prone to wildfire it is best to adhere to retaining a fuel free - defensible space zone around the perimeter of your home. It is also of utmost importance that you evacuate your home the moment authorities order an evacuation. You should also know two separate escape routes from your home to the nearest highway in case the fire blocks one of them. All of your emergency supplies should be kept in your car as you can not stay anywhere near your home during a wildfire. Please be prepared in the case of a wildfire as over two thousand and seven hundred homes have been destroyed in wildfires every year since 2000. Plus, the western region of the United States is only getting drier and hotter.

If you reside in a territory prone to tsunamis it is imperative that you known exit routes to the nearest tsunami safe zone. The moment you feel a large earthquake you must immediately run or drive to higher ground. Do not grab anything as your life is more important than any material object. However, if you must obtain important documents, it is best to place them on a thumb drive and hand them over to a trusted relative out of state for safekeeping. Do not forget to identify safe routes to higher ground from your work as well.