Dress for Heavy Rain

Women Jackets Barbour Gustnado

First you will need a waterproof jacket or thin raincoat which is extremely rain proof. Avoid bright colors and if you're going somewhere cold and rainy choose the proper thickness. Thermals with lots of pockets are good along with hoods.

By an umbrella, a mini one and a proper quality windproof one for more active travel. Get one that is good and lasting.

Wear waterproof shoes. Avoid suede, canvas, tennis shoes and flip-flops. Prefer to choose trainers, leather shoes, hiking boots and rubber-soled shoes.

Wear trousers if you're going somewhere extremely cold or hiking and camping. Snowboard trousers are also useful if you're going in a rain forest and you can always wear monsoon cami pants that are loose and thin.

For tops or shirts that are appropriate for humid conditions choose loose cotton sweaters but in colder activity, choose skintight thermal tops and thick sweaters.

Also pack some hats and scarves, shawls for cold weather that one can wrap around you as a blanket or a picnic rug.

Pack some of the opposite whether clothing if you're going somewhere hot make sure you pack for a surprise cold day.