Countries Suffering from Tornadoes

China's Jiangsu Province June 24, 2016

There is hardly a place on the globe where tornadoes are as frequent as in North America, in the Great Plains stretching to the Mississippi Valley in particular. However, under the special conditions, they can occur in almost any part of the world.

When the mass of air is not stable warm and cold air clashes and a violent thunderstorm can result in a tornado. There should also be enough moisture so that a tornado could form. When under the given conditions winds change direction or speed with height, a tornado typically develops.

Apart from the United States that has ideal conditions and topography to produce these dangerous twisters, countries like Italy, France, Spain, India and Brazil are also prone to tornadoes. Among the countries that have reported tornadoes are Argentina, Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, Uruguay and Ukraine.

Scientists believe that outside of the U.S. the area with frequent tornadoes is located in South America and includes southern Brazil, northeastern Argentina, Uruguay and southeastern Paraguay.

Severe tornadoes often take place in Bangladesh. For example, the most devastating tornado ever was the Bangladeshi tornado of April 26, 1989. Nearby North East India is also known for suffering from occasional powerful tornadoes, especially in April. In April 26, 1989, about 1,300 people were killed in the Manikganj district of Bangladesh by tornado.

A big part of Europe sweeping from northern France as far as Russia has lower-grade threat of developing tornadoes. Italy has had many non-super-cellular tornadoes in the peninsular region. Occasionally, tornadoes have even taken place in the United Arab Emirates.

Countries with large territories, such as Australia, Russia or China have great vistas susceptible to tornadoes, and this explains why those areas may have a tornado in a given year. But, like in the U.S., each country has specific locations where tornadoes develop most often.

Tornadoes can spin clockwise and counter-clockwise. While most tornadoes that occur in Southern Hemisphere spin clockwise, they usually spin in the opposite direction in Northern Hemisphere. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Different countries have different names for tornadoes. For example, in the Netherlands tornado is referred to as Windhoos, which means wind hose.

Whatever country you are living in it is advisable to be cautious when there are warnings about a storm or tornado. And as you know, a tornado quite often end with victims. Do remember that a tornado can develop anywhere if conditions permit.