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Weather is a reflection of natural conditions that have a direct impact on all life on the planet Earth and the world economics of the countries. Knowledge about how secret powers of nature will behave in the future can be compare to the magic of fortune telling, probably because not always the weather forecast turns out to be true. And while weather forecasters fail to predict the exact time when the rain will begin and end, now it's quite possible to forecast the approach of the hurricane thanks to weather space satellites. Such knowledge enables authorities to take appropriate measures to prevent possible negative aftermath and evacuate people. Before the era of satellite observations began, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes caused great damage, destroying homes and killing thousands of people. Fortunately such phenomena as deadly tornadoes take place regularly but still are quite rare and never last long. So people can prepare their emergency supplies in advance to increase their chances of staying alive during the natural disaster till the qualified rescuers arrive. Luckily the weather forecast has a utilitarian nature. It is needed to know whether the temperature will change and precipitation or burning hot weather is expected. In its turn, we need the weather forecast to know what clothing to dress, whether to take an umbrella or sunglasses when leaving home or what tires to put on your car. And this is probably the best way people can make use of information provided by weather websites.

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